Erben-Ermittlung Emrich in Israel

The Israeli branch of the Erben-Ermittlung Emrich group specializes in: European history (especially 1900-1950),
Jewish migration in the Middle East (including Morocco and Egypt), Israel (Ottoman period, British Mandate, 1948-present era),
Jewish migration and communities in the diaspora, non-Jewish 20th century organizations in Israel,
assets purchased through Jewish organizations (Jewish National Fund – KKL; Hemnutah; Jewish Agency; Jewish Colonial Trust; etc), Claims Conference and more.

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Languages Spoken

Over 2,000,000 Euros
in assets claimed

of customers served

Types of assets in which we specialize:
Pension / Bank Acct.
Real Estate
Insurance Policies
Safe Deposit Boxes

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Our company has 100 employees and representatives operating in 18 countries.


We employ a broad range of subject experts to make sure we cover all aspects of research.


15 Years learning what does and does not work.


Our work is usually a journey into a family’s intimate history. We treat that with the utmost respect.