A letter from the Israel Director of Erben-Ermittlung Emrich:

The Erben-Ermittlung Emrich group, founded in Germany by Mr. Thomas Emrich, is a network of branches, representatives and affiliates in 18 countries around the world. For over fifteen years, our organization has specialized in finding persons lost through time and history (sometimes very recently), so that their families and legal heirs may lay rightful claim to various assets that have been abandoned and forgotten. To fulfill its mission, the company employs amongst its ranks: lawyers, historians, archivists, researchers,  genealogists, investigators, business professionals and others.

In 2013, Emrich opened its first office in Israel to support its German branches in restitution efforts with the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany. This project was a success, with several hundred heirs laying claim to over 2 Million Euros in assets within about two years.

Using its acquired expertise in Jewish genealogy, Judaism in the diaspora, Israeli land and property matters, Israeli archives and Jewish history, the Israeli office has since expanded to offer a wide range of package and a-la-carte (single issue) services to individuals, partners and public and private institutions.

Today these include:

  •  General genealogy
  •  Finding lost family members or their fates (specifically relating to the Holocaust)
  •  Finding heirs and beneficiaries
  •  Researching properties and real estate
  •  Document location and procurement (in Israel and abroad)
  •  Foreign citizenships and passports
  •  Mediation

The stories and histories that are shared with us are our pride and privilege.  We look forward to helping you write the next chapter.

Elad Yakobowicz

Director, Israel Branch, Erben-Ermittlung Emrich Group