• Who are you?

    Emrich Israel is the Israeli branch and subsidiary of Erben-Ermittlung Emrich GmbH, an international probate research company based out of Germany. We specialize in lending support in heir research to the Berlin group using our expertise in Jewish and Israeli genealogy and records while also developing our own projects. Emrich Israel was founded in 2013, while our parent company has been servicing clients since 2003.

  • I don’t understand. Which are you: a law firm or a private investigators firm?

    We are neither. Our office deals specifically in the genealogical and bureaucratic processes of the family/heir/property research. Certain clients have also asked to utilize our creativity and good standing in other situations: such as mediating in a family dispute over inheritance or filing a joint claim together. However for strictly legal advice or legal-related investigations, we partner with leading lawyers and PI’s in the industry, accordingly.

  • How do you know about these “unclaimed assets”?

    We do not disclose our sources of information, however we do say that much like with any expertise, the key is knowing where to look. In other instances, our partners (see above) bring us cases so to utilize our expertise in this specific field.

  • How does the probate research process work?

    Once an unsettled inheritance matter or unclaimed asset comes to our attention, we use what little information we have to begin our search for heirs unilaterally. This includes a process we have developed after investing much time, resource and expertise. The process is based on probabilities, therefore we can never be 100% certain that we have the right family/heir until the claim has been filed and the local authorities have confirmed this for us. It is also the reason that our fee is contingency-based, so that potential heirs have everything to gain and nothing to lose from working with us.

    After finding the heirs, we file the claim on their behalf, taking care of all paperwork, document research, evidence, legal proceedings (if necessary), and so on until the claim has been successfully settled.

  • Why won't you tell me who the original owner of the asset was / whose name it is registered in?

    Please understand that the process of finding the heirs is often times a long and expensive one. We do this at our own expense and our own risk, therefore connecting the deceased testator to the living heirs is a resource-consuming process. If we were to simply reveal the name of the testator, you could easily take this information to a competitor who would be very happy to receive it (since you would be saving them a large some of money in research). Not to mention that privacy policies must be adhered to along the way.

  • Once I sign, will you give me more information?

    Of course. For those who choose to work with us, the information will be as transparent as can be. Since our fee is contingency-based (we only get paid if we succeed), we become as much your teammates as you become ours.

  • How much money will this cost me?

    Upfront: ZERO. Our office takes upon itself ALL expenses and risk. The percentage-based fees we request change depending on a number of factors, including the number of heirs, the complexity of the case, and so on.

  • What else can you do for me aside from probate research?

    Anything that is based on a genealogical or family-research framework — we’re flexible! In the past, clients have asked us to investigate properties for them, to mediate in specific unsettled inheritance matters between family members, to find family members who were separated by World War II or the Holocaust, to find and procure documents that were lost or hard to discover, to liquidate assets and more!

  • Can you build me a family tree?

    These are ABC’s of genealogy. Get in touch for a price quote.

  • I'm trying to claim a foreign citizenship and passport. Can you help?

    This would be a good place to use our document research services, as the process will often require you to provide birth, marriage and death certificates of family members (which can be especially difficult to attain if they were born in various countries). Contact us for a price quote.

  • What was the most interesting case your office has worked on?

    That’s a tricky question since every single family we research and every person we come in contact with is interesting in his or her own way. We can say that our research has led us to fascinating places, including [very] famous people, several infamous people, families of founders of states and companies, heroes, artists, doctors and many others. The greatest privilege we have is that our clients let us become a part of their story.