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Did you discover an old document in the attic relating to the purchase of assets or property in Israel or abroad by a distant family member? Or perhaps you remember stories of such a purchase occurring? 

Do you need a-la-carte genealogical or investigative services? 

Regarding unclaimed assets It means that you are the possible heir, beneficiary or possible owner of an “unclaimed asset”. Unclaimed assets are those that once belonged to someone and were eventually abandoned, often times finding their way into the management and eventual ownership of the state in which they were abandoned. Such situations can occur for example if a married couple died childless and intestate (without a will and testament) and the local authorities were not able to determine who the legal heirs are. Or perhaps they were able to determine the legal heirs, yet the location of these heirs themselves was unknown.

Types of assets that are usually unclaimed may include: real estate (land, buildings, apartments or pieces thereof), property (family heirlooms, art), safe deposit boxes, safes, cash, stocks, insurance policies, pension policies, dormant bank accounts, and more.

Specifically in Israel, a unique situation formed in the early 20th century. Before Israel was declared a state (1948), Jews in the diaspora were encouraged to purchase property in British Mandate Palestine so to help bring the Zionist dream to fruition. In some cases, a donation would be made, or property would be purchased, through a third party (such as the Jewish National Fund, or their private subsidiary, Hemnutah LTD). Keep in mind that in those years, with Israel being in essence a very undeveloped sand dune, land was very cheap.

Since then, and especially after Israel’s foundation, the paperwork for these purchases – which were often times not very organized to begin with – became lost or damaged, and these assets and properties remained empty and heirless for years until the state took control. Some of these buildings, originally built in the 1930s-1950s, can still be seen today around Israel, crumbling!

Please keep in mind that the information we have to work with is often very minimal to begin with, and therefore the location process is based on probability (it is also why we take a solely success-based fee). We often times are not 100% sure that we have the right family until the relevant authorities say so.

Regarding Family Members: It means that we may have been hired to perform family research for an individual such as yourself. In this case we are just looking for nominal information and we will usually make our intentions clear ahead of time.

It usually means you are in need of specific services that we offer and that you reached us either by a search or through word of mouth.

Such services may include:

Investigating unresolved inheritance matters: Did you find an old document relating to assets in Israel that you would like investigated? Are you aware of an unresolved inheritance matter that your family was a part of? Are you yourself seeking other heirs in an inheritance matter relating to your family? For all of these issues, you have reached the right place. Get in touch with us.

Document research services: Are you looking for old or hard to find documents, in Israel or in other countries around the world? Do you need documents or a family tree in support of your claim for a foreign citizenship? We have a wide international network of researchers and historians, each specializing in their country’s archives. Contact us for more information.

Family research: are you seeking lost family members whom you would like to reconnect with? Or persons whose fate remained unknown after World War II? We can help.

Other services: have another way in mind that we can help you? We want to hear about it!